Hand Sanitizer Sales Projected To Increase In Salt Lake City

With a pulse on the Salt Lake City personal care contract manufacturing industry, Wasatch Product Development advises Draper skin care companies on market news, regulatory changes, and new skin care product opportunities.

Today’s Draper contract manufacturing article focuses on a non-glamorous product whose sales climbed during the first H1N1 season as the public braced for a pandemic. We’re talking about old school no-rinse hand sanitizer.

The industry experts at Wasatch see unrealized potential in the hand sanitizer category.

As worried Salt Lake City folks tried to protect themselves and their families from the contagious H1N1, they bought so much hand sanitizer that many Utah suppliers could not meet the demand. Bottles of alcohol-based sanitizer flew off the shelves and popped up everywhere: at grocery stores, doctor’s offices, classrooms, workplaces, restaurants, and gyms. Utah people tucked them into purses, backpacks, and glove compartments. Though sales slowed a bit after the first scare, the public’s behavior has definitely changed.

Frequent hand sanitizing is now commonplace. We wipe off grocery store cart handles as we walk into the store, elementary teachers request bottles of sanitizer along with boxes of Kleenex, and many Draper homes have a bottle in every room of the house.

Hand sanitizer sales increase during every Salt Lake City flu season and are projected to break records in Utah when the next high-profile flu strain rears its ugly head.

Wasatch Product Development is busy developing next generation quat-based (quaternary ammonium compounds) formulas that don’t dry hands like the alcohol blends.

If you need a hand sanitizer contract manufacturer, put our chemists, cGMP laboratory, forward-thinking product developers, and packaging engineers to work for your Salt Lake City skin care company. With Wasatch, you’re in good hands.

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